Butterfly Psyche

In ancient Greek, psyche means both "butterfly" and "soul" - the lofty counterparts to the crawling caterpillar and the earthly body. (Mind you, I like crawling caterpillars too!) Entering a new period of recovery and growth in my life, I made these two words a talisman. My writing, artwork, and photography all reblossomed and fluorished. Rather than keeping them to myself, I wanted to share them - even if I am the only person who ever visits my site, I know that I have opened myself up to the world! When my creative output became too great to contain in my blog, Butterfly's Psyche, I expanded into two other sister sites, Butterfly Psyche Artwork and Butterfly Psyche Photography. (Perhaps I'll think of catchier names for them.) Enter any or all of the sites below and enjoy what I have created!

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