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Cedar waxwings

I saw these beautiful birds at one of my bus stops this morning. They are on my shortlist of most beautiful birds in North America – I would set them alongside cardinals, orioles, and painted buntings any day. Their plumage … Continue reading

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Artwork: Bicknell’s Thrush in Prismacolor pencil

Drawing in Prismacolor pencils, in honor of my 194th life list bird. I didn’t think the drawing was finished when I walked out of the room to get a gray pencil, but when I returned, the drawing just worked in … Continue reading

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RIP, Fluffy

Sadly, my little scymnine lady beetle larva has died. *sniff* I just can’t seem to keep this subfamily alive! I saw more larvae in the same milkweed patch, so I’ll try again – but leave some in the wild, lest … Continue reading

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It’s a lady beetle-eat-lady beetle world…

…still, it hardly seems fair for two active larvae to gang up on a prepupal larvae for breakfast. I gave them a lot more aphids and although that particular prepupa is never going to pupate, I hope the rest of … Continue reading

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“Come up and see my paintings…”

Oddest thing happened: I met a friend of my boss while doing an aphid search, got to talking, and he invited me to, well, come and see his paintings. And then he actually did show me his paintings! Not all … Continue reading

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Buggy goodness!

My catch of the day was a 6mm scymnine lady beetle larva, finally! I’ve never been able to raise scymnines – adults haven’t mated or laid eggs in captivity, the larvae I collected last summer all died within days – … Continue reading

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Life List Bird #194: Bicknell’s Thrush

I spent a wonderful afternoon sitting in a willow tree in Philly’s Roosevelt Park (incongruously right across the street from all the sports stadiums, but a great birdwatching location nonetheless). I had my binoculars and one hand and cell phone … Continue reading

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The important things

I managed to miss two buses due to nature sightings – one while I was collected a lady beetle larva, the other when I was trying to ID a warbler’s butt high above me in a tree. I didn’t get … Continue reading

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I’m probably the only person who looks at a milkweed plant literally encrusted with aphids and says “Oh, that’s beautiful!” Hey, with two dozen tiny coccinellid mouths to feed, it is. And aphids themselves come in a dizzying array of … Continue reading

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Birds and bugs, oh my!

I had a GREAT bird and bug commute. Since I left the house an hour early, I spent an hour strolling in Old City, where a single tree had 7, count ‘em, 7 species of warbler, including the very rare … Continue reading

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