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Being green when the leaves are yellow

Even though the stores are already rolling out Christmas products, we’re just getting into autumn. Big Green Head lists 8 easy ways to be green this fall, and I add some ideas of my own. Continue reading

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Fall visitors: Brown marmorated stinkbugs

If you live in the East or Midwest, you’ve probably seen the Brown Marmorated Stinkbug (Halyomorpha halys): a shield-shaped brown insect, about an inch (25 mm) long, that’s trying to get into your house this month! I see them in … Continue reading

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Poison ivy: a burning question

[T]there really are a few benefits to humans. But as a nature-lover and birdwatcher married to a botanist, I’ve learned that poison ivy is very beneficial for wildlife! Continue reading

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Confusing Fall Warbler time!

[I]f you associate a bird only with its adult breeding plumage…you won’t be able to tell that the dull olive-green bird chirping repetitively in September is the same as the bright golden-yellow one singing exuberantly in April. Continue reading

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To rear or not to rear?

documenting the life cycle of these unpopular but fascinating insects is, indeed, well worth a few bites. In fact, it may be more valuable than popular life cycles like monarch butterflies… Continue reading

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Ashy-Gray Lady Beetles

Despite the name, not all of these beetles are gray; some are black with two red spots. They are also not the only gray lady beetles around… Continue reading

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Try my new Facebook gift app!

Send lady beetle pictures to your friends on Facebook. It’s an exceptionally simple little gift app, but I had fun making it Facebook Ladybugs Gift App

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Video: Monarch butterfly emerging from pupa

The first video shows the butterfly’s dramatic exit from the chrysalis. He emerges wet, fat-bodied, and tiny-winged, almost unrecognizable as a butterfly! Continue reading

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Artwork: Green Jay in Prismacolor pencil

Once we spotted them, there was no getting rid of them…They were so strikingly beautiful (in plumage if not voice) that I went straight back to our cabin and started drawing. Continue reading

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