Being green when the leaves are yellow

The awesome site Big Green Head have a well-thought-out list of 8 Easy Ways to Be Green This Fall. Even though the stores are already rolling out Christmas products, we’re just getting into autumn, and you can use these tips for both fall fun (decorations, Halloween costumes) and chores (raking leaves, preparing fireplaces).

Here are a few of my favorites – check out the link above to see the whole list and all its annotations.

Indian Corn decoration on door

1. Fall decorations – Don’t buy new

  • Find your inner Martha Stewart and decorate with gourds, pumpkins, dried corn, leaves and grasses.

I would add that when the season’s over, you can compost them or use them to feed wildlife. Squirrels love dried corn so much, they will even forego your birdfeeder, at least for a while :)

3. Leaves and yard waste – No need to bag

  • Till fall leaves into the soil of your gardens….
  • Mulch the leaves on your lawn with a mulching mower….
  • Dry leaves make for great composting material….

No one likes taking care of all those leaves but they can be so beneficial to your yard and garden, and I love the idea of a mulching mower. If I had a lawn, I’d want one!

4. Local Farms

  • Visit a local farm to pick your own pumpkins and apples. You’re also likely to find homemade cider and kettle corn too!

My favorite childhood memories of fall are picking apples with my family in a big orchard every year. Kids of all ages will enjoy it and you’ll get a LOT of apples too!

7. Caulk the windows – Close the gaps

  • …All of the little cracks and tiny holes can equal the equivalent of about a two-foot hole in the average home. By caulking those spaces now, you’ll cut down on energy use and save money this winter.

You can also put film over your windows to reduce heat loss – not pretty, but on a back or upstairs window no one will notice and you’ll be warmer without turning the heat up!

I don’t have room for the whole list, so again, be sure to check the link at the top of this post to read all of it. It’s good advice, easy to do, and a lot of it is fun too!

For a more philosophical approach to this list, check out the lovely and meditative post Being Green as a Green Witch by Willow at A College Witch’s Experiences.

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