From the venerable meme “Unconscious Mutterings” at, which is in its 404th week. This is not the most unique way to kick-start myself into updating my blog, but it does flex my creativity a bit…I promise to get back to writing real entries soon!

  1. Sarcasm :: A service I provide (I saw that on a t-shirt but it fits me, and some of my best friends, perfectly!)
  2. Coke :: I’d like to buy the world a Coke (I’ve had that song in my mind for a few days now)
  3. Frank :: enstein (my husband, who’s in a neck brace after surgery, is going to be Frankenstein for Halloween – he’s got the major part of the costume on already, after all!)
  4. Party :: like it’s 1999.
  5. Witches :: What people always say “bitches” rhymes with. (I don’t know, is calling someone a “rhymes with witch” actually any less insulting? How about “rhymes with rich”?)
  6. Intentional :: Un-. (It’s totally more fun that way.)
  7. Crisp :: “The air…as crisp as a green apple.” (A line from an unfinished novel of mine, and the way the fall air always feels…)
  8. Lockers :: I can only think of high school lockers, and I wish I had a more positive image than nerds getting shoved into them!
  9. Walking :: Transportation. (Living in a city, and not having a car, walking and the bus are my major means of getting around. I walk faster in high heels that hurt than most people do in sneakers!)
  10. Fundraiser :: Police. (My brother is a cop and I always contribute to police and firefighter fundraisers…my husband wishes they’d stop calling all the time though!)
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  1. You are so funny!!! I have become obsessed with your blog and I spend most of my time reading all your posts. And I made an account JUST to post comments. I wish Id found you sooner, and I wish you posted as much as you once did! You must be constantly busy now though because you are so famous!!

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