More mutterings

Okay, so the last set didn’t exactly kick-start me like I wanted. It’s tough to blog about nature in winter; snow, snow, snow, snow…the occasional pigeon…more snow. (Oh, I mean nature in the winter in the city. In the countryside I would probably find more to say.)

Anyway, I can still mutter, right?

  1. Agency :: Temp
  2. Ministrations :: Minnesingers
  3. Charlie :: Bucket
  4. Bricks :: Cobblestone sidewalks that eat high heels (I walk on a lot of those in old Philly!)
  5. Contingencies :: Disaster
  6. Dad :: Vail. Or Vale. Whatever the regatta is.
  7. Zoned :: Out
  8. Direct :: Extension (my office just got new phone lines for everyone except me; I specifically requested NOT to get one)
  9. Team :: Ster
  10. Cave :: Cricket
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