Spring (finally) springing

I admit I’ve been waiting for something good to post…the year’s first lady beetle or first warbler or first life-list bird. By this time last year, I had all of those! Heck, I had a clutch of lady beetle eggs and a couple of caterpillars too. This year, probably due to a long, cold, wet winter, things haven’t been coming to life as quickly. I still haven’t seen a lady beetle, and when I went birdwatching today, there was only one species of warbler, the early-migrating yellow-rumps. (Or, as they call them at Cape May, “butterbutts.”)

Yellow-rumped Warbler (c) 2010 Dan Pacamo

Still, there were plenty of courting robins, male red-winged blackbirds staking out their territory for late spring when the females arrive, adorable juncos and chipping sparrows, and a few male song sparrows and white-throated sparrows that I was able to whistle back and forth with. (I’m very good at imitating white-throated sparrows: once I actually attracted a female!)

On the invertebrate front, I didn’t see very much: worms, pillbugs, and the like scattered when I turned over logs, a few spiders scurried through dead leaves too quickly for me to photograph, and one patch of wild lettuce was infested with tiny glossy flea beetles, which I did attempt to photograph, but none of the pics came out. (“Hey, a tiny black speck that’s either a beetle or a piece of dirt!”)

I’m glad to have seen those warblers, though, and look forward to visiting the park again next weekend. By then a new band of warblers should be in town and more plants will be flowering, attracting more insects. I just hope I find a lady beetle soon…I’ve been dreaming about them every night and it’s getting a little tedious!

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