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Confusing Fall Warbler time!

[I]f you associate a bird only with its adult breeding plumage…you won’t be able to tell that the dull olive-green bird chirping repetitively in September is the same as the bright golden-yellow one singing exuberantly in April. Continue reading

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Cedar waxwings

I saw these beautiful birds at one of my bus stops this morning. They are on my shortlist of most beautiful birds in North America – I would set them alongside cardinals, orioles, and painted buntings any day. Their plumage … Continue reading

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Life List Bird #194: Bicknell’s Thrush

I spent a wonderful afternoon sitting in a willow tree in Philly’s Roosevelt Park (incongruously right across the street from all the sports stadiums, but a great birdwatching location nonetheless). I had my binoculars and one hand and cell phone … Continue reading

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The important things

I managed to miss two buses due to nature sightings – one while I was collected a lady beetle larva, the other when I was trying to ID a warbler’s butt high above me in a tree. I didn’t get … Continue reading

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Birds and bugs, oh my!

I had a GREAT bird and bug commute. Since I left the house an hour early, I spent an hour strolling in Old City, where a single tree had 7, count ‘em, 7 species of warbler, including the very rare … Continue reading

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Bird of the Day

I stopped in the little park on my way to work and was rewarded with a chubby, adorable, very shy hermit thrush. He kept flushing from the underbrush, flying into a distant tree, then dropping back into the underbrush just … Continue reading

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